PC: Jussi Lyons,  www.jussilyonsphoto.com/

PC: Jussi Lyons, www.jussilyonsphoto.com/


Aging is not just about chronology, too - no matter when your birthday is, rowers are all back and forth with fussy backs, knees, shoulders, wrists and more. How can you stay in the boat longer? Is this really a “lifelong sport”? What do you need from your equipment, your boathouse, your coach, your network?

Are you a current or former rower over the age of 50 or a coach of older rowers?  We would like to interview you for a project on lifelong rowing, especially seniors.  Designed to help boathouses and clubs attract and keep seniors on the water, the project is ongoing and will cover testimonials, workout design, safety considerations, boathouse and coach assessment tools, and more.

If you are a current or former rower or a coach of older rowers, please join the conversation!  TAKE THE SURVEY HERE: https://cmonseattle.wufoo.com/forms/ready-all-row-rowing-aging/