GOAL: $25,000

A message from our founder, Coach Tara morgan:

WOW - Seize The Oar is going into its 5th year already.  How time flies!  We grew a LOT last year - we increased our boat inventory, our roster and really honed our vision - thanks to many of you who gave at the beginning of the year.   It was all very humbling and plenty of data to convince me, as the Founder and Head Coach, that it is TIME to give this established success the time and attention it truly deserves.   

What does that mean? We've now established our first office and BIG NEWS! We've created Seize The Oar Foundation!! Not only will your donation be tax-deductible now but this new hybrid business model will maximize our reach and our vision to be the premiere resource for inclusion in the sport of rowing.   WITH YOUR SUPPORT IN 2018, we can make it happen!

Ready?? It's a big number!  Seize The Oar's first 2018 campaign, called "ATTENTION ROW!" has a goal of $25,000.  If everyone who gave in January 2017 doubled their gift, we would be at nearly $20K.   With your support, we can start the year strong, meet our obligations and experience stress-free planning, all the while bringing inclusive rowing and competitive para-rowing to the PacNW.   Right now we operate from your support, participant fees and a modest stipend from US Rowing's Freedom Rows program.  Last January, you helped us raise almost $10,000 to get the year started and we purchased some great equipment and took care of our obligations.  

This coming year it's bigger, the stakes are higher, the reach is wider, and we've got more rowers every week interested in getting strong and fast.  

Here's some pieces of that strong start for 2018:
- Headquarters/office operation
- Training Partner addition - CrossFit RE: Columbia City
- High Performance 2018 Program launch
- Equipment upgrade - a new racing boat and oars
- New regatta participation
- International para-competitive development camps operation x 2
- Rowing Adventure Days program delivery

Later in 2018 we will launch Phase II, called "IN 2 UP 2", highlighting that part of the rowing race where the team collectively recommits and surges ahead to the finish.  

Here's where we will need your support for growth and visions like these below:
- Expand Ring of Fire Racing Team to invite nationwide rowers/coaches
- Expand on-site rowing partnerships with area transitional care programs

- Operate “center for inclusion in rowing” with workshops, camps, clinics for coaches, rowers and boathouse stakeholders
- Launching content including podcast, coaching education materials, Lifelong Rowing Project
- Expanding to add a third practice session in racing season (April - October)
- Adding year-round assistant coach/team manager

All of this takes the increased and enthusiastic support of our long-time fans.  

We invite you as individuals and groups to join us both here in the campaign and at the boathouse.  

Seize The Oar is a truly inclusive competitive team, open to all ages and abilities.  We hope you'll join us as a supporter, athlete or sponsor in 2018!


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