Since 2013, Seize The Oar has been championing inclusive rowing in the Pacific Northwest. We are innovating coaching, technique and equipment every day. We are regional, mobile, inclusive, and strong.

First, We Seize'd The Oar-pporunity...

It all started with an email.  In late March 2013, I was forwarded the following from the head of the Mount Baker Rowing & Sailing Center with simply "Are you interested?":

-----Original Message-----
From: A Bunnell
Sent: Tuesday, March 26, 2013 12:41 PM
To: Mount Baker, Rowing And Sailing Center
Subject: Individual Rowing Instruction

I'm an individual with mild impairments from a spinal cord injury who is interested in individual classes. I'm able to swim, walk, ride a bicycle, go up stairs without any assistive device, and would like to explore rowing as a way to enjoy the outdoors and exercise. I saw you have lessons for $45/hr. Would there be an instructor comfortable teaching someone with impairments? I'd love to sign up!

Aaron B.


Seize The Oar believes in the transformational nature of the sport of rowing - its ability to challenge the body, synergize athletes and heal the spirit.

Since my spinal cord injury I have been looking for aerobic exercises that could help me regain some level of fitness.
Rowing is great exercise and being part of a team with experienced coaching makes it enjoyable and safe. I also like rowing with my wife, it feels like old times when used to run and work out together. I look forward to ‘testing the water’ with this new form of exercise.
— Ben, with training partner and wife Judy
  • Represented largest adaptive showings at NW Ergomania, 2014-2017
  • Competed at Lake Stevens Sculling (2014, 2015), NW Masters Regionals (2014, 2015), American Lake Head Race (2014), and Head Up The Creek head race (2015, 2016), SummerSplash 2015, 2016 at Green Lake, Tail of the Lake 2016, Row For The Cure 2016
  • Provided rowing outreach and training for medical and rehab staff at partner hospitals Harborview Medical Center and Seattle VA Hospital
  • Traveled the region to support NWABA (2015), Pedaling Parkinsons, Vision Loss Connection, and the SkiHawks, as well as consulting and working with coaches and rowers from Anchorage Boat Club and Whatcom Rowing.
  • Promoted Seize The Oar at Rowing Canada, US Rowing, and local NW rowing venues
  • Joined forces with Renton Rowing Center to provide our club a home boathouse

Seize The Oar is a registered LLC with the great State of Washington.  We operate as a social enterprise to bring professional coaching, training and consulting services in the spirit of Inclusive Sport through transformational sport of rowing and those who will benefit from it at all ability levels.  Your support is not tax-deductible.  Thank you for supporting women-owned social entrepreneurship!